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Institute for the design of mining enterprises

Institute for the design of mining enterprises of the State of higher educational institution "NMU" (IDME SHEI "NMU") was formed to improve the quality of the design of mining enterprises, training specialists with the right of holding mining and blasting operations in open and underground mining, database creation to combine education of students, graduate students and doctoral students with researches, design and mining production according to the Law of Ukraine "About Higher Education" and acting legislation.

SHEI "NMU" has the right to implement the construction activity associated with the creation of architectural and structural design objects, internal engineering systems and networks, external engineering systems, networks and buildings, development of specific sections of the projects, technological design, engineering services, technical inspection and evaluation of buildings condition, structures, engineering networks and their inspection.

As a part of the Institute for the design of mining enterprises operate:

- departments:

of surface mining, underground mining, processing and mineral processing, technology, geoinformation technologies, environmental and development AIE (assessment of influence on environment), design of buildings and constructions of the industrial enterprises;

- sectors:

of town-planning justification and architectural planning decisions; geological-surveying works and hydrogeology; economy and summary estimates, registration of documentation and normative control; civil engineering, supporting structures and examination of their technical condition.

Personal staff of IDME SHEI "NMU" includes full-time employees, part-time and those, who work on individual contracts from the faculty members of such chairs as OM (open mining), ecology, mining machinery, electrical machinery, construction and geomechanics, geology and mineral exploration, construction, theoretical and applied mechanics, mineral processing and others.

IDME SHEI "NMU" has rather close creative business-communications with specialists of institutes "Yuzhgiproruda", " Krivbasproyekt", "Ukrgeolstrom", ISI (Iron and Steel Institute) of the Ural office of the RAS (Russian Academy of Sciences), the nearby mining enterprises of Nikolaev, Poltava, Kirovograd, Sumy, Zhitomir, Rovno and other areas of Ukraine, and also the international corporation "Evromineral" (Ukraine - the Republic of Georgia) that gives us hope of further fruitful work with these enterprises, firms and organizations.

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